Wilmslow Tax Solutions

Wilmslow Tax Solutions is the rebranded name of Capital Allowance Claims Ltd.

Wilmslow Tax Solutions is a trading style of Wilmslow Wealth Management.

About Us


Understanding tax law, understanding buildings and understanding HMRC guidelines to maximise your claim

Wilmslow Tax Solutions is a company which blends the many skills and professions required to complete and maximise your capital allowance claim.

In-house knowledge of capital allowance tax law, taxation and building surveying to the highest professional standards is a prerequisite to be in a position to produce solid and defendable capital allowance tax claims.

Through our in house team Wilmslow Tax Solutions has the ability to work with your accountant to analyse your tax position, compute the benefits and time scales of making a claim and make sure you comply in all areas with the Tax Authorities to avoid unnecessary investigation or delays.

It is very likely your accountant will not have all these skills and the working relations with the UK mainland and Northern Irish HMRC and Valuations Office Agencies to maximise your allowances.

This is very specialist work which if conducted with the full cooperation of your accountant can result in a major financial benefit to the claimant.

Our Promise...

If we can’t find more than £25,000 of capital allowance claims we will not charge a fee!

If you want to know more about our pricing, please contact us.