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Wilmslow Tax Solutions is the rebranded name of Capital Allowance Claims Ltd.

Wilmslow Tax Solutions is a trading style of Wilmslow Wealth Management.

Furnished Holiday Lets

Furnished Holiday Lets

Capital allowance claims may create a large loss for an FHL trading activity allowing you to possibly claim back tax paid in other areas

Owning an FHL is considered for tax purposes as a trading business and therefore trading loss relief is available which can be off set against:

  • Other income in the same year
  • Other income from previous years
  • First 4 years of trading loss can be carried back 3 years
  • Can carry forward the loss

This can be done legitimately through claiming capital allowances associated with your building as set out in the Capital Allowances Act 2001 and may mean you could be due a substantial tax rebate even against tax paid on other income such as PAYE.

Do you meet HMRC rules to qualify?

  • Is your property in the UK or EEA?
  • Is it available for letting for 20 weeks/year?
  • Has it been let for 10 weeks or more in a tax year?
  • No one single let was for more than 30 days?
  • Do you own the building?

If it is a yes to all of the above you could be due a substantial capital allowance claim.

Don’t assume your accountant has already done this. If you qualify and meet the above criteria Wilmslow Tax Solutions will analyse your current level of claims and if we can’t maximise it with at least a further £25,000 claim value we will not charge a fee.

You have nothing to lose but potentially much to gain, call now on 01625 535 456


Our Promise...

If we can’t find more than £25,000 of capital allowance claims we will not charge a fee!

If you want to know more about our pricing, please contact us.