Wilmslow Tax Solutions

Wilmslow Tax Solutions is the rebranded name of Capital Allowance Claims Ltd.

Wilmslow Tax Solutions is a trading style of Wilmslow Wealth Management.


The engagement process consists of 8 simple steps:

Step 1

Do you meet the HMRC qualifying criteria? See UK Commercial, FHL or for criteria.

Step 2

Sign an Authority to allow us to speak to your accountant.

Step 3

Jointly assess the impact of a capital allowance claim when applied to your financial position.

Step 4

If it’s not beneficial – no fee. If it is approved by your accountant proceed to signing engagement T&C’s (Pay survey fee if applicable).

Step 5

Wilmslow Tax Solutions survey building and compile capital allowance claim report.

Step 6

Submit report to your accountant for filing with HMRC.

Step 7

Fees invoiced on submission of report.

Step 8

Continue to support you in the event of an enquiry or query relating to the report from HMRC.


Client care and responsibility to support capital allowance claims submitted to HMRC are something Wilmslow Tax Solutions take very seriously.

Only after your accountant and trusted advisor agrees that there is a benefit to you do Wilmslow Tax Solutions start the process.

Our Promise...

If we can’t find more than £25,000 of capital allowance claims we will not charge a fee!

If you want to know more about our pricing, please contact us.